My Father, Ron Rost was an intelligent, beautiful, and wonderful human being.  For the first part of my life, my dad was my rock and my certainty in an intimidating world.  I am my father's first and only child.  He wanted very much to be a father, so in my early years of life I received the bounty of his abundant attention and love.  Ron Rost was a man who believed in social justice and civil rights.  He was a military serviceman, a professor, an economist, and a great dad.  He encouraged many people with his outstretched hand and heart as well as his always grinning face.


My dad had a lot of friends and tons of energy.  You could usually find me sitting on his shoulders, slapping high fives at tree branches from my exalted place above his 6'4 frame.  I'd giggle till I was blue in the face from tickle attacks, from being launched into the sky above his head like Super Girl, or spun around like a hellicopter from my personal six foot four jungle gym of a father.  He was the part of my life that involved a lot of love.  He was also the part that brought me a lot of joyful adventure.  


The Ronald F. Rost Charitable Foundation was created after my father's death to keep his memory alive through community events and advocacy for the arts, recreation and adventure.



     Katie Rost

     Daughter of Ronald & Rynthia Rost




The Ronald F. Rost Charitable Foundation is a privately funded nonprofit organization with a commitment to open the doors of opportunity to the next generation through recreation, enrichment and leadership activities in the community. RRCF was started in 2006 by Katie Rost and Rynthia Rost to celebrate and commemorate the life and spirit of Katie's father and Rynthia's late husband Ron Rost. Ron had a passion for sports, for life and for unlimited thinking. RRCF's primary goal is to keep Ron's spirit alive through good community works and exciting community initiatives.



Our mission is to help children in maximizing their life potential and realizing their highest dream of themselves through recreational, enrichment and leadership activities.



The Ronald F. Rost Foundation fundraises for community organizations who support the mission of the Foundation.  We also provide assistance for individual families and young people who want to  participate in extracurricular activities in athletics like golf, tennis and skiing; or in recreation like camping, hiking, and nature appreciation; and in meditative practices like yoga, martial arts and dance.